About Me

Youtube Channel and DeviantArt

Take a look at my youtube channel where I will be posting my latest visual effect projects. Please give me feed back on my videos, I would love to hear what you think

Check out my account on DeviantArt. Take a look at my latest artwork and comment on what you think of them

About Me

My name is Jonathan Edis, I am currently a grade 12 student attending Okanagan Mission Secondary School. I created this website for myself as a portfolio to show my latest accomplishments and projects. I specialize in Visual Effects, Film Making, and Photoshop Digital Art.

Recently I have completed a Music video you can find on my youtube channel.

My Goals

I continue to learn and practice various visual effects and motion graphic designs, I will post my most recent projects on my youtube channel or on the video production page.

I plan on attending University to learn more about advertising, filming, production, and design.
I would love to someday work on visual effects for feature films or commercials

Other Hobbies

I enjoy juggling, unicycling, poker, ping pong, golf, and watching the office.