Photography and Video

Wedding Packages and Prices

I am always open to discuss your shoot because every project is different and requires specilized services. Here are some prices for popular services:

Full day Wedding Photography - $399

Couple or Small Family Photography - $99

Production Wedding Video - $799

Production Music Video - $899

These are example prices please email me for specific on your project and what we can work out for you.


Some of my Skills and Services

- Profesional Filming and Photography.  With over 5 years in the industry I have the confidence and knoledge to shoot high quality images

- Set up and Equiptment. You can count on me to show up with all of my gear no matter how big the shoot. I use everything from top of the line cameras, lenses, sliders, tripods, flashes and more.

- Twice the Images and Angles. My wife and I work in tandum to get good looking shots. With two photographers we can get twice as many angles and shots to capture the best memories.

- Production Level Editing. With skills in feature film visual effects, and a wide array of graphic design projects I can confidently say I have an eye for art. I can edit photos and video to dial in the exact look you want. Some of the features include anything from, body reshaping, background cloning, color grading, video tracking, stabilization and more.


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My Work

My name is Jonathan Edis, I am a freelance artist currently working in Lethbridge, Alberta. I specialize in visual effects, graphic design, and above all, video and photography! Take a look at my recent photography and video projects, if you like my work I would love to hear from you and discuss what we can create next.

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Other Shoots and Projects

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