Web Design

Mr. Green Thumb

A property maintenance and decoration company.
Website: www.gogreenthumb.ca

Adventure Chase

A youth driven community event to promote exercise and orienteering. Website, logo, letterhead, business cards, signs and t-shirt design created by: Jonathan Edis (Free of charge)
Website: www.adventurechase.com

Signature Sites

A web design company offering professional web design at a low cost.
Website: www.signaturesites.ca

Adventure Camps

Several camps and locations for kids in the summertime. Run by Scouts Canada.
Website: www.adventurecamps.ca

Glass Artists

A glass construction company that has done designs for LDS temples
(New Website is not live yet)

Volunteer Scouts Canada

An informational website for volunteers to submit applications to Scouts Canada
Website: www.signaturesites.ca/volunteerscoutscanada